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Who We Are?

welcome to vlaxie

VLAXIE is a team that put in the hard work of testing products so you don’t have to.We want to help you find the best stuff, learn something, or found out that you already have very good stuff


How we make money?

we know that we have to fight for your trust. That is how we stay honest and let our reviews speak for us.

You’ll see some advertising on our site and you’ll also see links to retailers. If you click on one of those links we sometimes earn a commission. The products we recommend are based on our team’s experiences and research

We want you to like what we recommend  and came beck next time you need help 



What we test

first impression

  • Design 
  • How it feels in the hand
  • Colors
  • History of the company
  • Improvements and changes from the last model


  • is it working as it should or is it written?
  • Hardware
  • Durability
  • Improvements and changes from the last model

 Is it worth it?

  • cost
  • Could it beat other products?
  • Differences from others